Similar to Rocco DiSpirito book, Cook This, Not That, is another book with great recipes that are made with healthier choices. They also compare the item you are making with an item similar to what you would get at a restaurant; you would be surprised at the amount of calories that go into some of your favorite dishes at restaurants. This book also contains so helpful hints on things to buy and stay away from at grocery stores. Overall, this is a book (or any of the line of Eat this, Not that books) a book you should have on your shelf.

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Rocco DiSpirito

You might be wondering who Rocco DiSpirito is? Well Rocco DiSpirito is a chef who took our favorite comfort foods and transformed them into healthy eats. All his recipes are under 350 calories and oh so very delicious. They also have zero bad carbs, zero bad fats, and zero sugar without compromising any of the wonderful flavors. This is an award winning cook book that everyone trying to lose weight or eat healthier should buy.

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I know I have been posting a lot on entries about food lately, but just because you are eating healthy does not mean you should not be working out! It is important to exercise because what ever pounds you are dropping from eating healthy need to be shaped into muscle. Without exercise, you could still possibly not like the results you are seeing. What I find easy to do is just running for a mile or two. Because I have asthma, it is hard for me to run for long periods at a time. So I propose running in intervals.

Start with walking at a fast pace and walk for a duration on 2 minutes. Next pick up the pace to a fast sprint for 60-90 seconds. Then bring it back down to a fast walk for a duration of 2 minutes. Repeat this for 5 interval (one walk and one sprint=1 interval)

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Food For Thought

There are certain foods that can help you and body. I would like to think of these foods as wonder foods because each does wonders to you, your body, your health, and your emotions.

Blueberries are the best food for your brain. Blueberries have anthocyanidin, which has a powerful effect on leaning and memory.

Almonds are the best food for healthy skin. Almonds are monounsaturated fats, which have been found to prevent wrinkles and sun damage.

Strawberries are the best food to diminish stress. Strawberries contain a high amount of serotonin and vitamin C.


Quinoa is the best food for all-day energy. Quinoa has high concentrations of energy-producing B vitamins.

Cheese is the best food for fighting cavities. Studies have shown that chewing cheese increases the concentration of calcium in plaque. (be careful though, to much cheese is not good for dieting)

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Leggo My Eggo

About two months ago, I bought the book Cook This, Not That! and so far it has been amazingly delicious. One of my favorite recipes from that book is their “Waffles with Ham and Egg”. It is the perfect mixture of all my favorite breakfast foods and here is how you make it: Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know its Thanksgiving and I know the last thing you want to hear is anything having to with staying fit or eating healthy, but here are some options that you can maybe try out this Thanksgiving. When it comes to the savory turkey, try to just eat the white meat versus the dark. The white meat is much healthier for you. If you are in charge of making that green bean dish, avoid the green bean casserole and stick with fresh green beans. Lastly, when is comes to the sweet potatoes, avoid the candied yams. All these suggestions are healthy tips to try out while still being able to enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast!

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Full Meal Plan

Always wondering what to eat? Well I know that food is constantly on my mind and when I am not eating, I am always wondering what I am going to eat next. So to keep you from wondering what to eat, here is a healthy 3 meal plan for tomorrow that is all under 1300 calories for the day. (400 for each meal)


  • Blueberry Pancakes                           250 calories
  • Apple                                                    72 calories
  • 2 Cooked Turkey Bacon Strips        70 calories


  • Bacon Sandwich (BLT with 2 Cooked Bacon Strips)    100 calories
  • Curries Waldorf Salad                                                       143 calories
  • 1 cup 1% Chocolate Milk                                                   160 calories


  • Brown Rice and Chicken Casserole*                  238 calories
  • Lemon Grass Beans                                               73 calories
  • 1 cup Skim Milk                                                     90 calories


*Click for a recipe

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Cookie Cravings

So the end of the semester is nearing and around these times we are normally swamped with exams, last minute projects and homework assignments, and papers. Around this time, we tend to crave the foods that we are not suppose to eat: fast food, chips, pizza, and COOKIES! We all know that cookies are not good for you though, but what if I told you, you can make them so they are not that bad…Triple Chocolate Chip 45 calorie not that bad. No, I am not joking and here is recipe: Continue reading

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Pizza Anytime

“Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time… when pizzas on a bagel you can eat pizza any time!” That jingle is one that always stuck in my head from the bagel bites commercials, but how about pizza on an english muffin? I know it is hard to eat right when we have so many choices of easy, convenient, unhealthy food. Whoever really heard of healthy fast food or frozen meal? A homemade pizza on an english muffin is not only delicious, easy, and cheap, but it is not bad for you.

Continue reading

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Welcome back from Summer! I am sure everyones summers included time with friends, relaxation, maybe a summer job, tons of vegging out and junk food, and maybe a little bit of partying, but mostly some stuff that wasn’t treating your body all too well. Now that school has started back up, especially for the new freshmen, students find it hard to make time to get the gym or eat healthy. Normally students are busy trying to have a social life and get their work done on time, so students tend to find themselves going to the most convenient options, which sometimes tend to be things like fast food, T.V. watching (for down time), or partying with some high calorie booze. Soooooooo…… Continue reading

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